Our professional home gym equipment is delivered to clients from all over the world since 1989. We have warehouses in Europe and North America. If you are a private customer - there is no problem for us to provide you with TYTAX machine. We have already delivered our home gym equipment to very small islands in the Pacific, Atlantic Ocean, to clients from China, South America, Africa, Australia..... Please contact us: sales@tytax.com - write where you are writing from and we will present you our offer.


+1-(844) 438-8982 - USA
+44-7861419979 - UK
+61 (0) 419901673  - AUSTRALIA
+852 - 568-017-52 - HongKong

OFFICIAL SITEwww.tytax.com


On the picture you are seeing home gym T1-X. On this machine you can perform full body workout.
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